The funding contract between Ottawa Main Street and the City of Ottawa will move to the regular meeting agenda Wednesday night for approval. The city allocates $30,000 for the organization payable in monthly installments of $2,500.

During last Monday’s study session, city commissioners questioned the Main Street organization about a lack of a review or audit. Funding approval for other organizations were approved last Wednesday but a decision on Main Street was tabled until this week.

The new agreement will provide funding for six months starting retroactively to January, 2019. Main Street director Lenni Giacin told the commission during Monday’s study session that Agler and Gaeddert had agreed to do a review for the organization that would be completed by the end of April.

Ottawa mayor Blake Jorgensen suggested last week that the funding agreement between the city and Main Street be reduced from a year to six months to allow time for a review to take place and a new agreement was drafted by City Manager Richard Nienstedt.

Main Street had questions about the agreement including a reserve clause that would allow the city to ask for any remaining money to be returned if the city chose to do so. Main Street officials were concerned that fundraising money in the same account as the city money could be taken by the city. Nienstedt assured them that would not be the case and that the funding clause was a part of other funding agreements with other organizations.

The new agreement, if approved Wednesday, would be in effect until June 15 and a new agreement at that time would be needed to extend the funding for the remainder of the year.