Next week is Severe Weather Awareness Week in Kansas. The Kansas statewide tornado drill for 2019 will be conducted 10 a.m. Tuesday.

The National Weather Service offices serving Kansas will send out a test tornado warning with live EAS coding at that time. This allows the warning to access the EAS system to ensure that it is relayed through law enforcement and media communication systems.

Local officials may also sound their warning sirens. Area residents, businesses, and schools are urged to treat the drill as if it were an actual tornado warning.

A different severe weather issue will be a focus of each weekday next week. Monday’s topic is preparedness and Tuesday is tornado awareness.

The Farm Bureau Financial Services website includes information to help keep your family safe this severe weather season. Additional information on what you and your kids should know in the event of severe weather, as well as storm facts, can be found on the Farm Bureau Financial Services website at