On pages 4-6, we salute the area first responders. That list would not be complete without the volunteer firefighters that make up Franklin County’s rural fire departments. Below is a list of each department and the volunteers that staff them. These men and women work very hard to make sure services are provided in our rural areas and we want to say thank you to them as well.

Pottawatomie Fire Department

Rodney Byington, Firefighter/Diver; John Crain, Captain; Jarod Franks, Firefighter; Mathew Johns, Firefighter; David Koger, Firefighter; Tina Koger Firefighter; Sam Oram, Firefighter; Jake Savage, Firefighter; James Savage, Chief; Joshua Savage, Assistant Chief; Bryan Shippy, Captain; James Stonequist, Firefighter/Diver; Patrick Vaughn, Firefighter; Shane Wilson, Firefighter.

Cutler Township

Allen Brandes, Firefighter; Matthew Brandes, Firefighter; Clinton Canterbury, Assistant Chief; Lonnie Davis, Firefighter; Sarah Egidy, Firefighter; Christopher Mcvaugh, Firefighter; Stephen Meeker, Firefighter; Edward Ouellette, Chief; Kira Ouellette, Firefighter; Vincent Ouellette, Captain; Joe Sutton, Firefighter/EMT; Karen Sutton, Firefighter/EMT; Jonathan Underwood, Firefighter; Daniel Unruh, Firefighter; Darrell Willcut, Firefighter; Jason Willcut, Firefighter; Aaron Wise, Firefighter.

Lincoln-Ottawa-Harrison Township

Chris Adee, Firefighter/EMT; Michael Carson, Firefighter; Jesse Christian, Captain; Joshua Christian, Firefighter; Nicholas Christian, Firefighter; Jessica Christopher, Firefighter; Allen Durbin, Chief; Jeanette Durbin, Firefighter/EMT; Nicolas Ferguson, Firefighter; Coleman Gavel, Captain; Charlene Gibbs, Lieutenant; David Gibbs, Captain; Loren Gilmore, Firefighter; Whitney Kraus, Firefighter; Reece Laurie, Firefighter; Chris Ray, Captain; G. Jaych Rhea, Firefighter/EMT; Brent Rodina, Firefighter; Matthew Schulz, Firefighter/EMT; Sheldon Schulz, Chaplain; Kirk Tokheim, Firefighter/EMT.

Northwest Fire District

John Bowman, Captain; Bret Carey, Firefighter/EMT; Coleby Carey, Firefighter/EMT; Nicole Carey, Firefighter/EMT; Robert Carter, Firefighter; Todd Carter, Captain; Larry Case, Firefighter/EMT; Evan Hamilton, Firefighter; Michelle Harms, Firefighter/EMT; Richard Harms, Captain; Charlie Homer, Assistant Chief; Danny Homer, Firefighter; Stan Lantis, Fire Chief; Rebecca Leroy, Firefighter; Kirk Mille, Firefighter; Kenton Mische, Firefighter; Alan Radcliffe, Assistant Chief; Dennis Schulz, Firefighter; Matthew Scott, Firefighter; Paul Scott, Firefighter; Royce Swank, Captain; Nathan Wray, Firefighter.

Other departments include, Willamsburg-Homewood Fire District, Richmond Fire District and Wellsville Fire District

Emergency Communications Center (911)

Abigail Adams, Jenny Bentz, Kelsey Conner, Krystal Donaldson, Monica Finch, Janea Fleming, Charli Hall, Heather Hall, Christina Mayhew, Rendi McCurdy, Lacey Russell, Emily Stanley, Sarah Peffly, manager; Nick Robbins, director.

Emergency Management

Alan Radcliffe, director; Thomas Winter, coordinator.