The Ottawa Fire Department rescued an individual from a house fire in Ottawa early Wednesday morning, fire officials reported.

Firefighters received a call of a structure fire at 1645 S. Elm St., Ottawa, at about 6:40 a.m. Firefighters arrrived on the scene at 6:43 a.m. and discovered a working fire and a report of a trapped occupant, officials said.

A few minutes later, the person was located and recued by OFD personnel with severe injuries. The patient was transported by ambulance to Ransom Memorial Hospital.

At approximately 7:04 a.m., the fire was extinguished, officials said. OFD also cleared smoke from the adjoining residence at 1643 S. Elm. Fire investigators along with the OFD and Kansas State Fire Marshall’s office are investigating the possible cause of the fire.

OFD contacted the Red Cross and received assistance from Franklin County Emergency Temporary Shelter Association (FRETSA), a local organization in Franklin County who assist tenants of the dwellings.

It was determined that the smoke detectors in either residence were not working at the time of the fire. OFD would like to remind everyone having working smoke detectors in homes is paramount to your safety. This includes changing your batteries every six months and testing them every month. It is also important to know that smoke detectors have a life expectancy of 10 years and the manufacture date can be found on the back of the detector where the battery is located. Franklin County and Ottawa residents can pick up free smoke detectors at the fire deparment, 720 W. Second St., Ottawa.