Kansas farmer Loretta Craig will present the history of Victory Gardens and why and how to grow these gardens today during her program, “The Victory Garden Movement,” 2 p.m. Saturday at Neosho County Community College in Ottawa.

“Victory Gardens” were home and community gardens used to grow fruits and vegetables at a time when food, fuel, transportation, and labor were in short supply. Though these gardens have their roots in the Home Front efforts of World War I and World War II, the concept of Victory Gardening can be applied today.

Craig and her husband live on a small homestead, Prairie Garden Farm, outside of Kansas City with six cattle, 20 chickens, two dogs, a barn cat and a large Victory Garden. Both she and her husband were in the military and found the idea of it being one’s patriotic duty to grow food intriguing. She now gardens and is pursuing a certification as a Functional Medicine Health Coach to continuing spreading the message that soil health determines human health.

The Franklin County Historical Society program is free and open to the public.