The Ottawa Fire Department responded to a house fire Saturday in the 200 block of W. Fourth Street in Ottawa, fire officials said.

Upon arrival, crews encountered light smoke and no fire inside the structure, officals said.

The occupant, who was outside, was suffering from burns to a arm and face with some hair singed. The occupant was taken to RMH for treatment.

The cause of the fire was grease on the stove unattended, officials said.

Fire officials would like to remind everyone to not leave your stove if you have grease heating up to fry food. If the grease catches on fire, do not put water on it, cover the pot with a lid. When putting the lid on the pot approach from the side of the pot and move the lid from the side covering the entire pot. Shut off the burner and remove the pot from the hot burner to another area on the stove.