The Frontier Extension District will be sponsoring a Hazardous Occupation Training (H.O.T) class on May 31. This class is required for 14- and 15-year old youth who want to operate farm tractors on farms other than for their parents.

The only time a 14-15 year old would be exempt from needing this training would be if he or she works for their parents on the family farm. This

training is required however, if the”family’s farm” is a partnership, incorporated, or the youth is working on a grandparents farm. This training also isrequired if youth are planning to use lawn mowers or tractors larger than 20 horsepower.

The class runs 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Pomona Community Center in Pomona. The driving and written test will be given off site at a local producers farm. Youth will be transported by the instructors to the farm and back to the Pomona Community Center. There will be a small registration fee of $10.00 to cover class materials. Pre-registration is required by calling the District Extension Offices, Lyndon, (785) 828-4438; Ottawa, (785) 229-3520; Garnett, (785)448-6826 or by emailing the agents at: or or by May 24. Participants are required to pick

up their Tractor Safety Materials from the Extension Office and to have read the materials prior to the start of the class.