Robert Newson, Wellsville High School graduate, served almost 30 years as a Navy Seal before retiring in September 2018 as a Captain with exemplary service at many levels.

Saturday night, Newson will be inducted in the Wellsville Hall of Fame at a cermony beginning at 4 p.m.

During his military career, Newson was a “start-up” specialist having led or been part of six separate new military organizations over a twelve-year period, including two national strategic planning elements, and a first-of-its-kind organization designed to collect and integrate battlefield intelligence to identify and disable terrorist networks. His career included 8 deployments in locations throughout the world.

He was deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Kenya conducting counter terrorism operations. During his time with the Joint Interagency Task Force- Counter Terrorism (Afghanistan), he led the design of the current US Government methodology to globally target terrorists; NSW Support Activity ONE, where he was instrumental in designing NSW’s targeting engine that improved SEAL CT mission success in Iraq from 35 to 95 percent. He continued his great contributions to our country by serving as Deputy Director, White House Military Office.

Newson comes from a family of service comprised of military officers, teachers, nurses, ministers and police officers. He has held up this tradition by continuously accepting challenges to go farther and work harder while representing our nation with hard work and valor.  He is a proud husband and parent of three children who supported him throughout his career. His long commitment and service to our country leave him with a lasting legacy.

The ceremony will be held in the Kermit Deterding Gymnasium at Wellsville High School.