According to a news release by the Kansas Attorney General’s office, Central RV of Ottawa has agreed to pay $40,000 in penalties and fees to resolve allegations it violated the Kansas Consumer Protection Act.

Central RV agreed to a consent judgment ordering it to pay $30,000 in enhanced civil penalties, $10,000 in investigation fees and consumer restitution. The attorney general’s Consumer Protection Division began investigating Central RV in August 2016 following allegations the company was selling salvage recreational vehicles without properly disclosing their salvage status as required by law. Central RV was also alleged to be selling recreational vehicles “with all faults” and excluding the implied warranty of merchantability, which is prohibited in Kansas.

The suit was filed in January of this year. At that time, Central RV owner Nicholas Ford gave the Herald a written statement that the allegations had no merit.

“I was shocked by the allegations being made by the Attorney General about myself and my company,” Ford wrote. “The allegation that we misrepresented the quality of any of our products is completely false. We have operated with integrity from day one at Central RV and we put our customers’ satisfaction at the top of our list of priorities.”

“In today’s world, it seems everyone automatically assumes a person is guilty once someone else files a lawsuit against them. I have no other option but to obtain a legal team to speak out against these allegations. Rest assured, we stand behind our staff and the quality of our work. We will be fighting these allegations aggressively and look forward to proving our side of the story. We know that the facts will show that the allegations are completely false. “

The filing alleged that more than 100 trailers were inspected by the Kansas Highway Patrol in 2015 and 2016 and noted with a salvage history or salvage title. Central RV is also accused in the suit of selling at least three trailers on its website without a title. The suit alleges that selling trailers with salvaged titles is a violation of the Kansas Consumer Protection Act and seeks damages including civil penalties and consumer restitution.

The judgment was approved Monday by Judge Eric Godderz in Franklin County District Court. In addition, Central RV was permanently enjoined from violating the Kansas Consumer Protection Act and ordered to comply with Kansas statutes related to dealer licensing, sales, sales reporting, titles and registration. Additional civil penalties totaling $131,000 were ordered but suspended on the condition that the company remain in compliance with the terms of the injunction.