Legacies take time to build, especially when Kansas weather is involved.

“The rain certainly has not helped,” said Josh Walker. “Whenever we prepare a schedule, we anticipate some rain days. This project is certainly no different, but we have gotten more than we anticipated. Hopefully we can recover the days lost as we continue on.”

Walker is the president of Loyd Builders, the organization in charge of the ongoing construction of Legacy Square in downtown Ottawa.

Despite the exponential nature of construction rain delays, work has been able to continue, and a late-August to early-September finish date for the project is still expected, Walker said.

“We certainly continue to work on the things that we can,” Walker said. “The thing about a rain day is, not only do you lose the time when it’s raining, but a lot of times it softens the ground and it keeps you from being able to work the day after. The work on the bathroom has been able to continue in between the storms that we received, so some work on site has been able to proceed.”

Walker said bathroom facilities masonry has continued steadily, along with curb and gutter work, underground electrical and water, and stormwater work.

“The canopies have started to go up — that will continue over the next few weeks,” Walker said. “Hopefully we can get back into a rhythm after this rainy season.”

Fundraising work also continues on the project, according to John Coen, Ottawa Area Chamber of Commerce president.

“We’ve raised over ninety percent of the dollars we need to build Legacy Square,” Coen said. “We are still trying to close a gap, and are still doing some fundraising.

“We’ve had several sizable pledges come in just recently, which is helpful. We’d like to end up with dollars left in the bank to start another project.”