At their regular board meeting May 13, USD 290 board members heard a presentation from Ryan Cobbs, district superintendent, on new enrollment boundaries for the school’s three grade schools. The board plans to take action on the changes at their next meeting.

“The purpose is to develop a better equality amongst our schools in terms of enrollment,” Cobbs said of the change.

The new proposed boundaries are:



Garfield: Students East of Main St. and South of 4th Street

Lincoln: Students East of Main St., North of 4th St., West of Main St. and North of 6th St.

Sunflower: Students West of Main St. and South of 6th St.



Garfield: Students East of 59 HWY/Main St. and South of K-68 HWY

Lincoln: Students North of K-68

Sunflower: Students West of 59 Hwy/Main St. and South of K-68 HWY

According to Cobbs, these changes would be grandfathered in as new students are enrolled; families would not be required to swap schools.

“We will not force students to move with this change,” Cobbs said. “If a family has a fourth grader at Sunflower already, and that’s where they choose to send their kindergartener, we will not force them to move.”

According to Cobbs, the change is a bid to create equitable enrollment among the district’s three gradeschool’s, and also remove Garfield Elementary from its current boundary landlock.

“At this point our boundaries limit any new student enrollment at Garfield for anybody living outside of the city limits,” Cobbs explained. “The original reason for that was Sunflower had the space and we thought Garfield was going to see a growth in enrollment. We’ve just not seen that.”

Official boundaries could be posted to as soon as May 27, Cobbs said.