PRESTON — A large wall cloud with rotation triggered tornado warnings for Reno County from a storm cell that blew up just north of Preston in Pratt County at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Pratt County Emergency Management Director Tim Branscom said that Pratt County storm watchers noted several funnels that popped out of a large wall cloud, but no touchdown was observed.

"We had a little bit of everything, but luckily no tornado," Branscom said. "The National Weather Service placed Pratt County under a severe thunderstorm watch and we kept a close eye on activity that basically blew up along the Pratt/Stafford County line, but it quickly went straight east into Reno County.

More wind, rain and thunderstorm conditions were expected for Pratt County into the nighttime hours, but Branscom said the area was taken out of any tornado watches for the time being.