GREENSBURG — More than 10 joke-tellers took to the stage earlier this month at the Kiowa County Senior Center in Greensburg in celebration of National Joke Day.

When the laughs were over, Randy Rinker was the first-place winner, followed by Bob Kilgore in second place.

"I am not for sure it really was National Joke Day, but I read it somewhere on the internet so we ran with it," said Kari Kyle, director of the senior center. "We are always trying to find ways to have fun here."

Those in attendance (more than 75) enjoyed a special meal sponsored by Ron and Roberta Seiler, during which the jokers came up to the front to tell their prepared jokes.

"I didn't think we would have more than three or four people participate,” Kyle said. "But we had 11 contestants. It was a lot of fun."

After each joke was told, the audience was asked to applaud. The competition was so close that judges were enlisted to determine the winners.

Jeff Blackburn, local pastor, and Stacy Barnes, city administrator, made the deciding vote as they listened and took notes from each entrant.

Before the jokes were told, Blackburn warned the participates that the jokes needed to be something that he could tell from the pulpit. In other words, "Keep them clean."

Rinker won the house with the following joke:

"There was this lady who was sitting in the waiting room for her turn to go back and see the doctor. All of the sudden, a very elderly woman came running down the hall screaming. She ran through the waiting room and out the front door. When the lady in the waiting room was called back to see the doctor, she asked the doctor, 'What was the matter with the woman who came running down the hall screaming, running out the front door?' The doctor replied, 'Well, I gave her some very unsettling news, I told her she was pregnant.' The woman — shocked at the doctor's response — replied, 'But, you know, that is not possible at her age.' The doctor responded, 'I know, but it sure cured her hiccups!'"

Rinker won the bragging rights for the first-ever Kiowa County Senior Center joke contest, but he stayed humble in recognition.

"We always have a good time when we are together. That is prize enough,” he said. "I think there are a lot of people who are missing out on the fun activities at the senior center. We do have a good time."