Parking limits will soon be changing within a section of Fourth Street in downtown Ottawa.

Ottawa city commissioners approved a request from a local builder Wednesday evening to change how long parking spaces can be occupied along the north side of Fourth Street from Main to Hickory streets.

The matter was first brought before the commission during its Sept. 23 study session. During that meeting, Ottawa Public Works director Michael Haeffele explained how Josh Walker, owner of Halloren Building, requested the changes in response to the redevelopment of a building at 401 S. Main. Originally, Haeffele said, Walker requested parking limit changes on the south side of Fourth Street, next to his building, from two-hour parking to 30-minute parking, as well as limiting the all-day parking spaces on the north side of Fourth Street to two-hour parking.

However, Haeffele recommended during the study session and again Wednesday night to restrict parking on the north side of Fourth Street from Main to Hickory streets to two-hour parking, and designating six spaces on the eastern portion of Fourth Street as two-hour parking unless the vehicle has a county-issued permit allowing all-day parking.

Before a vote, Commissioner Michael Skidmore asked if the city received any comments regarding the request. After learning there were no complaints or questions regarding the request, commissioners unanimously approved the change.

Those changes will become effective once the ordinance is printed in the official city newspaper.