HUTCHINSON — Several Franklin County-area youths were among the winning exhibitors at the 87th annual Kansas Junior Livestock Show Sept. 27-29. Known as the largest youth livestock show in Kansas, the event featured 644 youth from 94 counties, showing 1,396 head of livestock.

Among the winners were Lane Higbie, of Quenemo, who showed his champion Berkshire, which placed fourth overall in the market hog division and earned $750. There were 146 entries in the market hog class. Calla Higbie, of Quenemo, exhibited the fifth overall gilt, which was also the reserve champion Berkshire. Higbie’s gilt earned a $250 premium. Other winners were Anah Higbie, of Quenemo, who was named junior division champion.

The LEAD Challenge allowed exhibitors to learn about current industry issues, and apply that information in a competitive environment. Those entered in the challenge participated in the LEAD Listen & Learn, showmanship, skills stations and interviews. Exhibitor Calla Higbie, of Quenemo, placed first in the intermediate division, while Anah Higbie, also of Quenemo, placed first in the junior division.


Franklin County

Alex Cannady, Ottawa: fifth in Class 5, Hampshire Market Barrow; seventh in Class 4, Duroc Market Barrow

Max Cannady, Ottawa: fifth in Class 18, Light Cross Market Barrow

Mackenzie Cunningham, Ottawa: second in Class 12, Southdown Breeding Ewe; second in Class 3, Commercial Ewe Lamb; sixth in Class 5, Speckled Market Lamb

Gracie Ferguson, Quenemo: second in Class 14, Dark Cross Market Barrow

Bryce Hatfield, Pomona: second in Class 32, Simmental Pct Breeding Heifer

Ethan Hatfield, Pomona: second in Class 27, Simmental Breeding Heifer

Adelle Higbie, Overbrook: second in Class 9, Commercial Doe Kid; fourth in Class 6, Commercial Doe Kid

Anah Higbie, Quenemo: first in Class 29, Simmental Pct Breeding Heifer; first in Junior LEAD Challenge; first in Junior Swine Showmanship; third in Class 6, Hampshire Gilt; fifth in Class 10, Yorkshire Gilt

Calla Higbie, Quenemo: first in Intermediate LEAD Challenge; second in Class 33, Simmental Pct Breeding Heifer; second in Class 6, Yorkshire Market Barrow; fifth place Overall Gilt

Damon Higbie, Princeton: fifth in Class 7, Simmental Market Steer

Lane Higbie, Quenemo: fourth in Class 10, Yorkshire Gilt; fourth place Overall Market Barrow

Ella Stinson, Ottawa: fifth in Class 4, Duroc Gilt; ninth in Class 10, Yorkshire Gilt

Allyson Williams, Vassar: eighth in Class 4, Angus Breeding Heifer