General Edward Hand Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution met at 9:30 a.m. Oct. 12, 2019, in the City Hall Conference Room. The meeting was called to order by Chapter Regent Susan Davis. Those present were Susan Davis, Nancy Machnicki, Ruth Ayers, Emily Kirkpatrick, June Butler, Linda Fredricks, Barbara Netherland, Patricia Murray, Kay Eyman, Peggy Paddock, Esther Kinsey, Lorene Christin, Elaine Oakleaf, Jane Taul, Dee Ellen Kruzel, Betty Wittmeyer, Susan Saunders, Glenene Brown, Chris Burns, Grace Nilges, Terry Turner, and Clarice Knight. Guests present were Wendy Solis and Ronda Hassig. Ruth Ayers led the opening ritual. Service to America hours were given to Susan Davis to be entered into the system. The minutes of the last meeting approved as sent.

National Society Daughters of the American Revolution President General Mrs. Denise Doring Van Buren’s message was read by Chris Burns. She emphasized National Day of Service. She reminded us that October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. She encouraged us to rise up in our community for service. Our Chapter made home made cookies and brownies. Linda Fredricks, Committee Chair reported that she, Nancy Machnicki, Dee Ellen Kruzel, and Emily Kirkpatrick prepared the trays of cookies and delivered them to the Franklin County Ambulance Center, The Emergency Department at Advent Health, The Hospital Emergency Department, The Franklin County Sheriff Department, The Ottawa Fire Department, and the Franklin County Administration Department. Over 200 cookies were presented to the community on Friday, October 11th.

The National Defense Report was given by Kay Eyman. We are encouraged to support women in Military and the wounded in combat Veterans. In the absence of Treasurer Gayle Short, Ruth Ayers gave the financial status of the Chapter which was approved and filed for audit. The Chapter Audit Officers gave a report and found the books to be correct. It was discussed to have a yearly budget report.

Service to America: Sox & Underwear will be taken to Hope House. Registrar, June Butler reported that Donna Rayson’s application has been sent to NSDAR. Pat Murray and Chris Burns Application Papers have been received and will be processed soon. June also announced the 238th anniversary of American‘s momentous 1871 Revolutionary War victory at Yorktown, Virginia will be celebrated this October with hands-on military experiences, artillery firings and other commemorative programs. Yorktown Victory Weekend will have numerous exhibits and films on display.

The American Indian Report was given by Betty Wittmeyer. There are over 300,000 members of the Cherokee Nation. Betty read a Cherokee Prayer. DAR Good Citizen: Glenene Brown has contacted all area schools and the deadline is next Friday. DAR School: Dee Ellen Kruzel reported the Tamassee School, Tamassee South Carolina, project is underway. A jar for donations was set up on the serving table and will be at the November meeting for anyone who wishes to contribute. Junior American Citizen: Dee Ellen Kruzel is working on the After School Program 3rd, 4th, & 5th graders at Eugene Field School. Dee Ellen, Chris Burns, Nancy Machnicki will lead the first session on Monday the 14th. Historic Preservation: Susan Davis Susan noted that the Baldwin High School students will be at the Pioneer Cemetery on the 22nd for clean up and will return on the 28th of October to present 'A walk in the cemetery' to the public. This is open to the public and starts at 5:30 pm , the students present their research on an historical person buried at the cemetery, including civil war soldiers. We need volunteers to ride in the Veteran’s Day Parade. Several members will be wearing their Suffragettes outfits in the parade. Four National Award Certificates were received by General Edward Hand Chapter, and a certificate was presented to Dee Ellen Kruzel from State Conference on her achievements as State Chairman of DAR School Committee. Barbara Netherland reported more than 3,000 wreathes have been received by the VFW. Volunteers are needed for the Wreaths Across America project. Announcements: The Southeast District Meeting will be Saturday, October 19th at Garnett KS. Our guest speaker, Ronda Hassig, Fort Scott, Kansas, was introduced by Nancy Machnicki. Ronda reviewed her latest book, “The Greatest Test of Courage” by telling of events of WW II in the Phillipines. Hassig offered her book for sale following the presentation. On a motion by Barbara Netherland, second by Kay Eyman, the meeting adjourned.

General Edward Hand Chapter met Sept. 18, at City Hall for the Ottawa City Commission regular meeting. Those present were: chapter regent Susan Davis, vice regent Nancy Machnicki, recording secretary Emily Kirkpatrick, corresponding secretary Elaine Oakleaf, treasurer Gayle Short, registrar June Butler, historian Terry Turner, Clarice Knight, Grace Nilges, Lorene Christin, Dee Ellen Kruzel, Peggy Paddock, Pat Murray, Kay Eyman, Glenene Brown and Chris Burns.

The call to order, roll call, welcome and Pledge of Allegiance was led by the Commissioners. Mayor Blake Jorgensen read the Proclamation recognizing Constitution Week on Sept. 17-23, 2019, and presented the proclamation to June Butler, who gave the response of accepting it. (It was announced at the business meeting that the bell at the Old Depot Museum was rang Sept. 17, first day of Constitution Week.

We were dismissed and drove to Wellsville Grade School. We were greeted at the grade School office by the secretary and signed in.Those present at Wellsville were: Susan Davis, Nancy Machnicki, Emily Kirkpatrick, Elaine Oakleaf, Gayle Short, Clarice Knight, Janet Broers, Grace Nilges, Lorene Christin, Dee Ellen Kruzel, Peggy Paddock, Glenene Brown and Chris Burns.

One of the fourth graders, Colton Wright, ushered us to the lunch room where 71 fourth grade youth were assembled. We introduced ourselves and each one had a statement of the Preamble of the United States of America. Then an explanation of the statement was given. The Chapter presented the classes with four books about the American Revolution War Period and the Constitution. Four activity books were given to the students. Small “Bells For Freedom” were passed to each student and teacher present. When Elaine gave the signal, the “Bells For Freedom” were rang.

We then drove to the old bank building in Wellsville. This is under construction and will be the Wellsville Historical Society building. Two grants have been received for remodeling purposes. Janet Broers gave us a tour of the building and distributed detailed progress reports. The business meeting began at 11 a.m. The opening prayer was given by Nancy Machnicki. Glenene Brown led the Pledge of Allegiance. Grace Nilges led The American’s Creed and Preamble. The President General’s Message was read by Nancy Machnicki. The new President General, Denise Doring VanBuren National Theme is “Rise and Shine for America.” The KSDAR theme is “Welcome Home.” The President General announced our National Day of Service was Oct. 11. The goal for the next three years is 10 million hours of service. Chapter regent Susan Davis distributed a form to track our service hours.

Dee Ellen Kruzel gave the national defense report. She highlighted National Veterans of Foreign Wars and the VFW Auxiliary. The VFW was established Sept. 29, 1899. It is the Nation’s largest and most dedicated group of combat Veterans.

Treasurer Gayle Short presented her report which is now on file and subject to audit.

American Indian Report: School supplies and bed linens were donated to Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence.

Glenene Brown contacted local and area schools for DAR Good Citizen forms. Dee Ellen Kruzel showed her new DAR School pin. Elaine Oakleaf also has a DAR School pin. Dee Ellen presented the needs of Tamassee School in Tamassee, South Carolina, and asked that we ‘adopt’ that school. She suggested a slogan of “Rise and Shine with Change for Tamassee.”

We will collect all of 2020. Susan Davis reported that next week there would be some more restoration and setting of stones. There have been articles in the Baldwin City Signal about the Baldwin City Pioneer Cemetery. Applications have been completed for being on the National Registry.

Junior American Citizen: Dee Ellen Kruzel will again be presenting an After School Program at Eugene Field School. The theme this year will focus on 19th Amendment, “Women’s Rites, Dare to be Brave” focusing on Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony.

Susan Davis, Nancy Machnicki and Dee Ellen Kruzel will contact members to ride in the Veteran’s Day Parade. A vehicle has be acquired for this event.

It was announced Friday, Oct. 11, 2019, was DAR Day of Service.

— Emily Kirkpatrick