Law enforcement authorities are investigating U.S. Rep. Steve Watkins for alleged voter fraud and perjury after the congressman repeatedly signed documents listing a UPS Store in Topeka as his home address.

Shawnee County District Attorney Mike Kagay said he asked the sheriff's office to investigate the possible felony crimes, and a spokesman for the sheriff's office confirmed Wednesday the agency will review the situation.

Watkins, a first-term Republican congressman, changed his residency in August for voter registration purposes, signed an application for a mail-in ballot in October and signed a document to cast his vote for the November election. The documents show Watkins' official residence as 6021 S.W. 29th in Topeka, which corresponds to a UPS Store.

"The Shawnee County Sheriff’s Office has been in consultation with the district attorney’s office and is aware of the allegations against Congressman Steve Watkins," said sheriff's Sgt. Todd Stallbaumer. "As with any alleged violation of state law occurring in Shawnee County, this office will undertake an investigation of the matter. We will review the facts thoroughly and objectively and submit the completed investigative for prosecution review. No specific details or further statement will be issued until the conclusion of the investigation."

By changing his residency, Watkins moved from the city council's 5th District to 8th District, where he participated in an election decided by 13 votes last month.

Jim Joice, Watkins' chief of staff, said Watkins made a mistake when he listed the UPS Store as his address. Joice said the congressman actually lives in the Overlook Apartments, 1310 S.W. Overlook, which are about 2½ miles north of the UPS Store. Those apartments are in the council's 9th District.

Watkins won election in 2018 by claiming 26% of the vote in a seven-way primary, then defeating Paul Davis, a Democrat, in the general election. He faces a primary challenge in 2020 by Kansas Treasurer Jake LaTurner.

Staff for Watkins and LaTurner didn't respond to inquiries seeking comment about the sheriff's office's investigation.

Watkins isn't the only registered voter to list the UPS Store as a home residence, according to election data gathered by state Sen. Vic Miller, a Democrat from Topeka.

Miller provided a list of 17 voters who registered under the same address as Watkins. The list, which was pulled from election office data in June, includes seven Republicans, two Democrats, a Libertarian and seven people who were unaffiliated. Ten of them cast a vote in November 2018 elections.

Miller said he provided the information to Kagay, a Republican, and encouraged the district attorney to take the issue seriously.

"If no one ever gets prosecuted," Miller said, "then the problem multiplies."

Miller also questioned the possibility that Watkins or any of the individuals on his list made a mistake. The registration form, he said, includes separate lines for residential and mailing addresses.

"You've got to be pretty ignorant to not know where you reside," Miller said.