There will be cowboy music and poetry, all kinds of sound horse advice and a delicious cowboy supper to enjoy, too.

“Everybody interested in horses is invited to the winter equine meeting Thursday evening, January 9th, at Garnett,” welcomed Ernie Rodina.

Coordinated by Rodina, of Better Horses Radio, and hosted by Roger Brummel, of Brummel Farm Service, the meeting is a complementary program.

More than a dozen equine-related businesses have joined together in sponsorship of what’s promised as an educational, entertaining session.

“We’ll kick off the evening there at the Anderson County Fairgrounds with a hamburger fry at 5:30,” Brummel said. “I’m doing the cooking so everybody needs to make advance reservations to assure there’ll be plenty to go around.”

Rodina excitedly interrupted: “Just booked him. Del Shields, cowboy singer and poet, will be entertaining us during the hamburger fry. He is just great.”

Dr. Fred Gardner, well-known equine veterinarian at the Countryside Vet Clinic, is the leadoff educational highlight speaker at 6:30. He will have two presentations — the first on extending the life of the old broke horse, the second on development of the young horse.

“Dr. Gardner has a lifetime of horse experiences he’ll relate in his always-enjoyable presentations,” Rodina said.

Sarah Leonard, Purina animal nutritionist, will also have a two-part presentation. She will discuss selection of the right horse feed and new horse feed research.

“Sarah’s information is based on her longtime work in livestock nutrition as well as personal horse ownership experiences,” Rodina said.

Rested from cooking the horse enthusiasts’ supper, Brummel will come forward to review services his business offers specifically for horse owners.

Closing out the evening, Rodina guarantees he’s “your voice” for better horses in all of his diverse media endeavors.

“That’s radio, television, newspaper, website, public appearances and well beyond whatever we can do to help,” Rodina said.

Rodina expounded: “Now just so you know, Del Shields is a true cowboy. He’s a western music recording artist, cowboy poet and co-host of Best of America by Horseback on RFD-TV. Del has traveled from coast to coast, entertaining audiences across this great country.

“You don’t want to miss this exciting, fun and truly most informative horse evening at Garnett."

Supper reservations are required before noon Thursday to the host at his Brummel Farm Service by calling 785-448-3161.