Sheriff’s Office News


• 10:22 p.m. Saturday, 210 E. Franklin St., Pomona, Cory Evans, 40, Colorado, was arrested on a Colorado warrant for failure to register.

• 8:47 p.m. Sunday, 200 block of E. Franklin Street, Pomona, Kyle Henry, 26, Waverly, was arrested on a Franklin County warrant for felony possession of stolen property and also for driving while revoked, no liability insurance, and expired tags after a traffic stop.


• 6:32 p.m. Saturday, 3500 block K-33 Highway, Wellsville, Patrick Burton, 55, of Wellsville, was traveling south bound on K-33 highway in a 2020 GMC 1500 when he struck a deer. Damage estimated to be greater than $1,000.


• 9:13 p.m. Saturday, 305 S. Main, Ottawa, an Ottawa woman reported that Anthony Belles had been violating a restraining order.

• 12:57 p.m. Saturday, 3592 Nevada Road, search warrant was executed at this residence for methamphetamine.

• 11:55 a.m. Saturday, 600 block W. 4th St., Lane, Melissa Howard, 43, Lane, reported that a garage belonging to Kelly Feighner, 54, Lane, was on fire. The fire was determined to be caused by a small brush fire from Melissa’s yard. Kelly’s residence was damaged and the garage was a total loss. Total loss was unknown at the time of report.

• 2:14 p.m. Saturday, 2300 block of I-35, Milepost 179, Airielle Rose, 21, Texas, was traveling northbound when her engine caught fire.


• 8:39 p.m. Saturday, 400 block Monroe Street, Pomona, Kimberly Smith, 24, Pomona, reported $780 and two credit cards were stolen by Kyana Smith, 40, Bonner Springs.

• 4:14 p.m. Saturday, 2600 block Indiana Terrace, Ottawa, Kaden Brock, 27, Ottawa, reported that three known subjects possibly burglarized and damaged his house. Damage estimated over $1,800. The case is under investigation.

Ottawa Police Department News


• 2:06 p.m. Friday, 1000 N. Sycamore St., Ottawa, Daniel Hernandez, a 60-year-old Ottawa male was arrested for criminal trespass and interference with law enforcement after a call for service.

• 5:38 p.m. Friday, 715 W. 2nd St., (Ottawa Police Department), Brytani Lyda, 25, Lebo, was arrested on an active City of Ottawa warrant.

• 6:05 p.m. Friday, 1500 S. Elm St., Ottawa, Kolby Goranson, 28, Richmond, was arrested for battering a known 30 year-old male.

• 7:16 p.m. Friday, 100 block of E. 19th St., Ottawa, Steve Ross, 28, Ottawa, was arrested for the driving under the influence, child endangerment after being contacted on a call for service.

• 8:39 p.m. Friday, 800 block of N. Main St., Ottawa, Jonathan Thacker, 44, Ottawa, was arrested driving under the influence, driving while suspended after being contacted on a traffic stop.

• 10:15 p.m. Saturday, 1641 S. Main St. (Knights Inn), Ottawa, a 48-year-old Ottawa male reported he was stuck by a known subject during an altercation. Jodi Head, 51, Ottawa, was arrested for the offense.

• 11:02 p.m. Sunday, 900 block of S. Main St, Ottawa, Robin Sherrill, 22, Wellsville, was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia after being contacted on a traffic stop. Sherrill was released on a notice to appear.


• 8:41 p.m. Friday, 900 S. Willow, a 15-year-old Ottawa female was driving a 2003 Acura south on Willow when it was stuck by an unknown vehicle.

• 3:29 p.m. Sunday, 1300 S. Main St., Ottawa, Christina Beckham, 29, Colony, was driving a 2003 Mitsubishi SUV and struck a 2011 Mazda SUV driven by Tami Poshard, 56, Evansville, Ind. Christina was cited for inattentive driving.


• 8:13 a.m. Friday 700 N. Cleveland St., a 23-year-old Ottawa female reported being battered by a known male. Case is under investigation.

• 12:38 p.m. Friday, 715 W. 2nd St., (Ottawa Police Department), a 41-year-old Ottawa female reported a past sex offense.

• 6:44 p.m. Saturday, 715 W. 2nd St. (Ottawa Police Department), a 42-year-old Ottawa female reported violation of a protection from stalking order by a known suspect.


• 6:29 p.m. Saturday, 700 W. 2nd St., Justin Mietchen, 40, Ottawa, reported an unknown subject stole a bicycle.

• 10:25 p.m. Saturday, 100 block of S. Main, Ottawa, Jordan Singh, 32, Kansas City, Mo., reported that his vehicle was stolen by a known suspect. Case is under investigation.

• 12:26 p.m. 1600 block of S. Hickory, Ottawa, Tanner Wichmann, 27, Ottawa, reported that an unknown suspect damaged a vehicle owned by Ashley Jackson, 20, Baldwin City. Jackson reported items taken from the vehicle.