School administrators across the state have been designing documents along with their waiver of required hours to be sent to the Kansas State Department of Education.

The Ottawa school district completed those documents and sent those to the state this past week after board approval.

“There has been a lot of work to make this thing as great as possible and create some guidance as they continue to move through this,” said superintendent Ryan Cobbs. “There are two portions of it. One is the labor, which has portions of the USD 290 Continuing Learning Plan. The waiver is the piece we have to submit to KSDE for approval of not meeting the required hours.”

Ottawa students completed just under 900 of the 1,116 required hours of education time.

“The waiver is the thing that has to be approved by the board,” Cobbs said. “This is a requirement from KSDE in order for us to meet minimum hours requirements moving forward.”

Cobbs said the components sent with the waiver include the full USD 290 Continuous Learning Plan, examples of the plan and special education documents and expectations.

“All four components will be sent to KSDE as part of that waiver,” Cobbs said. “There is something from first grade, second grade on up the chain so (KSDE) can see what we are trying to accomplish at each grade level moving forward.”

The waiver deadline for all school districts was Wednesday.

Cobbs said the Kansas Association of School Boards will receive the documents by April 13 for their approval.

“There may be some feedback back and forth between now and then,” he said. “This will get us where we need to be.”