Elizabeth Layton Center (ELC) continues to provide essential mental health and substance use treatment services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In order to continue providing services in a manner that is safe for clients and staff, ELC is requiring the use of “telehealth” services when possible, they announced this week. Telehealth means services are delivered by telephone or televideo. Starting Thursday, public access to ELC buildings will be limited to those who are unable to participate by telephone or televideo.

Leslie Bjork, ELC executive director, said, “Behavioral health services delivered through telehealth are convenient, effective and helpful in allowing all of us to practice social distancing. Our compassionate staff are here to serve and can help walk you through the process of receiving behavioral health care in this new method.”

Elizabeth Layton Center now offers crisis services, new client admissions, therapy, medication management, case management and peer support services by telephone and televideo. Face-to-face services are limited to those who cannot participate by telehealth. People who arrive in person to ELC offices will be required to complete a COVID-screening process prior to entry.

Managing the coronavirus outbreak can be stressful for adults and children, ELC officials said. Stress during an infectious disease outbreak can include:

• Fear and worry about your own health and the health of your loved ones

• Changes in sleep or eating patterns

• Difficulty sleeping or concentrating

• Worsening of chronic health problems

• Worsening of mental health conditions

• Increased use of alcohol, tobacco or other drugs

“ELC offers convenient and comprehensive services that can help,” Bjork said. “Coping effectively with stress helps us to stay healthier, and it makes our community stronger.”

Elizabeth Layton Center is the designated community mental health center serving Franklin and Miami counties.