The Franklin County Health Department has identified five new positive cases of COVID-19 since Friday.

Franklin County now has a total of 19 positive cases and 328 negative test results. The five most recent cases include three females ranging in ages of 40’s to 60’s and two males, one in his 30’s and the other in his 70’s. To date, three of Franklin County’s positive cases have been hospitalized.

Several of the cases have been completely asymptomatic showing no signs or symptoms. Individuals who have had close contact with positive cases will be or have been notified. All close contacts of the new positive cases are in the process of being tested.

“As testing has become more available statewide, Franklin County will continue thoroughly testing to confirm that there are more positives in the community than prior testing was able to show,” health department officials said. “As the statewide ’Stay Home’ Order issued by Governor Kelly has expired, please continue to practice social distancing, wear a mask in public, thoroughly clean and disinfect, and wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. It will take everyone’s efforts to see a decline in numbers and allow the State of Kansas to enter Phase Two on May 18.”

Health officials emphasised that local governments only have the authority to be more restrictive (not less) than the State of Kansas’ baseline for each Phase.

“At this time, there is no guarantee that Phase Two will begin on May 18,“ they said.