Franklin County Commissioner Roy Dunn, R-Ottawa, characterizes himself as a champion for the people.

"I like to look out for the small people and make sure they are represented on the commission when issues come up that effects them," Dunn said. "I like to be in the decision-making as far as government is concerned. I am really concerned about people coming in and affecting their neighbors. I want to be a representative of people like that who are affected by what’s next door."

Dunn filed for re-election for the county commission’s third district. The Republican is seeking his fourth term.

"I’m running because of the several big projects in the county being completed and ready to go like Proximity Park, Keim Trucking, development in Wellsville, Holiday Inn Express and West Franklin school bond project in Pomona," he said. "These all are magnets for further investment in the county."

Dunn, a nearly lifelong county resident, has a vested interest in guiding the county’s growth.

"I like to see where the county is going as far as progress," he said. "There are decisions being made on what kind of industry they are looking for to make the county better. I like managed development as far as what comes in."

Dunn said industrial growth is important to keep taxes flat.

"One way to ensure that is progress and development coming in," Dunn said. "We are in an ideal position. You can see that in Wellsville with all the development. I would like to see opportunities for employment, good jobs so people can afford good housing."

Dunn was in on the ground floor of Proximity Park, a joint venture with the city of Ottawa. Dunn said he wants to be in on selecting the businesses that come into the park.

Dunn said his past commission experience will give the county leadership in dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic.

"COVID-19 is the game changer and most important county obstacle at this time," he said. "The conditions change day-by-day, so the commissioners are abreast daily what response we need to make for the county through our administrator, emergence manager, health department and Dr. (Bud) Ransom. I think my experience on the commission will help get the county through the COVID-19 disaster and set us up for a bright future."

A couple of projects he wants to tackle in the next term are getting high-speed internet throughout the county and improving county roads.

Dunn understands the internet is an important part of our everyday lives.

"The county will need to upgrade our software and that is going to be a high dollar (investment)," he said.

Dunn would like the county to come up with a comprehensive road improvement plan similar to one the county had a decade ago.

""We put that in place to decide where our roads need to be improved, where are our highest traffic area are and that sort of thing," Dunn said. "We were getting state aid to help improve our infrastructure as far as roads and bridges at that time. That money dried up. I would like the state to come up with (a plan) to help out the counties."

Dunn said several hard-surface roads need attention.

"One of my pet issues is a long time ago several of the hard surface roads started out as chip-and-seal roads and did not have a base on them," he said. "They are some of our toughest roads to maintain because they have never had a base. I would like to redo all those chip-and-seal highways we have now. Get the hard surface roads up to where they should be.

"Road and bridges are a constant challenge. They are so expensive to make."