Please act now to tell your U.S. senators and representatives to repeal the therapy services caps on Medicare Part B. The U.S. Congress has imposed therapy caps on physical and occupational services. For 2018, there are two distinct therapy caps: $2,010 for Physical therapy and speech therapy combined; and $2,010 for occupational therapy. These caps are aimed at federal cost savings rather than appropriateness of senior care.

These caps apply to services provided in skilled nursing facilities, home care, outpatient rehab, and private therapy practices. People suffering strokes, traumas, some surgeries and debilitating conditions such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s often require extended rehab services to achieve meaningful mobility and other daily activities.

At therapy charges of $50 to $300 per visit (depending on the service), the caps may often be met far before the patient reaches rehab goals. This leaves Medicare Part B recipients (especially those on limited incomes) to find ways to pay for services. Worse, they may discontinue needed therapy thus, prolonging recovery or never achieving meaningful functional goals. Please make calls and write letters today to encourage our U.S. senators and representatives to vote to repeal these rehab services caps.

Judy Davis-Cole,