New wayfinding signs to be ‘more robust’

With new structurally robust wayfinding signs scheduled for installation around Topeka, I’m looking forward to the similarly robust effect the new signs will provide for the city’s image.

As a marketing strategist, I’ve seen first hand that the biggest impact for a newly rebranded business arrives with the unveiling of their new signage. The new signage is an external signal of an internal change.

Attitudes and beliefs are changing in Topeka, I am beyond excited to see this reflected in our outward appearance to visitors and passersby.

Updated signs provide an energized impression that makes observers curious and often drives them to want to try out the new brand for themselves, meaning new business.

New business is exactly what we want for Topeka and that makes the new signage a smart business decision for the city. The image we portray to the world is part of our community’s brand. Signs are not just a way for visitors to know where to go. It tells the world what to think of us.

As Topeka continues to refine its brand and display its best features to the world, people will be curious and try the city out for themselves. The 141 wayfinding signs that will go up around Topeka this fall will help us get there.

Andrea Engstom (president, Bajillion Agency), Topeka