Here is a sampling of social media comments about stories from across the state:


Dodge City Daily Globe Facebook: KDHE vaccine requirement for students

Amanda Noel: Thank God. Now to make it mandatory for all vaccines in both public and private as policy. No Child Left Behind, meet No Child Left to Die


Newton Kansan Facebook: Harvey County ERT's new asset

Jay Krannawitter: For years people have pointed to Presidents (Democrat and Republican) and feared a dictatorship or police state based of words or executive orders.... But ignore the blatant news right in front of their eyes of that coming reality. The police don't need military "assets" especially in a rural Kansas town. This should scare people.


Pratt Tribune Facebook: Teen catches great white shark

Jason Alan Leslie: Awesome catch! Once in a lifetime catch.


Topeka Capital-Journal Facebook: Susan Wagle confirms U.S. Senate run

Thomas Lewis: Please resign from your state Senate position. Feel free to run, but quit destroying the state.

Ivan Meraz: Susan over Kris any day. Even though I'm. Not a fan of her


Concerns about sexuality, gender in child welfare system

Rachel Jeanne: Also. Don't be a foster home if trauma informed care is out of your comfort zone. Don't be a foster home if you're not willing to accommodate what's best for a traumatized child. Don't be a foster home if you can't be a HOME.

Jamie Eileen Williams: I'm all about letting them be who they are..but I also don't want to see anyone pushing their beliefs on them...let them be kids and grow up and let them not even worry about sex or are to young to even worry about all this crap

Andi Jill-Marie: These are not your children. You are tasked with caring for them and supporting them. Do NOT push your religious dogma onto them.

Roger McMullen: Andi Jill-Marie.....excuse about not pushing your political dogma on them. A toddler does not know they are gay or a opposite sex stuck inside wrong body. That is taught.


Hutchinson News Facebook: Community mosquito spraying efforts

Julie Moore Esau: We are observing fewer mosquitoes than normal in our neighborhood, even though we had flooding. We also have a ton of bats this year.

Karina Marie Smith: Even tho I understand why you guys are doing this, you should consider that a lot of people don’t like this idea because of how it will affect them, when it comes to being a Health issue. I already seen two of my friends on Facebook worry about this happening because of their medical problems. Is their not another way to do something about this issue?