Playing to voter base will doom us

If any politician — whether Democrat or Republican or part of a faction within or without a party — is campaigning only with "talking points" playing to a stat-driven "voter base," then, frankly, our country is doomed. These politicos are not seeking what is best for America, but are dragging all of us down into a putrid quagmire of vested interests, influenced (and, dare I say, dictated) by the narrowest base one can imagine — the super-rich 1-percenters.

Most Americans are being duped and snubbed and don't even know it. A skeptic? Put your partisan predispositions aside for a brief spell and delve deeply to discover the unadorned facts. You will be astounded, but enlightened about America Inc., and hopefully re-energized to seek substantive change for 320 million and counting AMERICANS, not just the few who are obsessed with their wealth — keeping it, flaunting it and never sharing it in meaningful and compassionate ways.

I wonder if Lincoln would still utter these words in the present day: "This country cannot afford to be materially rich and spiritually poor."

Let's face it, no partisan divide can result in a united America. Seek balance between the extremes or money will speak loudly, always misrule and profit from a war machine that Eisenhower and countless others after him warned all of us about.

Is change upon us, or does the Ship of State and Hate continue to churn through turbulent waters?

Richard Joel Holmes, Hays