Dear Editor,

Socialism is Bad?

I must first admit, I am not a Progressive (Socialist) Democrat, I think I have made that clear. However, I do have to help clear the air as I do not like scare-mongering. From Merriam Webster's Dictionary-

Socialism : any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods [or services].

Is socialism bad in all of its applications? I submit for discussion... socialism becomes the solution when capitalism fails to find a fair and respectable way to serve everybody. That is to say- when capitalists can only serve the rich and can't find a way to profit from selling to everybody else a service or good important to all. To that end, we have a number of rampant socialist centers of activity in our town of Ottawa, lurking underneath our very eyes, ears, feet even. Yes, folks, we have socialist sidewalks, parks, libraries, schools, electric system, streets, water works, sewer systems, highways, parking, street lights, swimming pools, fire and police departments- what did I miss? Can you imagine calling a totally capitalist 911 for police, fire, or ambulance, then having to wait while they check your Credit Score to see if you can pay? I don't think we want that kind of capitalism.

An argument can be made saying, our American Way is built with a mix of capitalism blocks and socialist cement. Our local Ransom Memorial Hospital meets the definition of being something of a socialist institution. Ransom is owned by the county, with Advent providing administrative services. Together they provide services no entrepreneur can. Whether you have the money or not, if you go to the emergency room, Ransom must treat you. In the case of health care, no business has come up with a fair respectable way to provide medical services to all, while making a profit. Trump has loudly promised a better cheaper health insurance for all, though he has had 4 years to present it to us, he has failed to provide even a little hint of how it would work or that he even still cares about it. Socially, we commoners are all in this together to keep Ransom and other hospitals open across the state and country; to be there to treat all those emergencies impacting our lives.

There are effectively three economic systems to work with- capitalism, socialism, communism (all tainted by Kleptomaniacs). So, though I could take a few minutes to say things about Farmers COOPs, community based organizations, tribal and religious groups meeting the dictionary definition and root word connection to communism, I won't today. Instead, I will repeat something I heard recently, making it a question to any and all readers. What socialist program in the USA has caused any significant economic downturn and been as devastating to the economy as rampant capitalism? (Think about the causes of he 2007/8 Great Recession, the Great Depression, think freely.) Have the Public Schools, Interstate Highways, Social Security programs, whatever, been as bad as unregulated capitalists? Or, have these socialist programs brought stability and economic growth? I strongly lean towards these programs being for the common good and growth.

So, socialism "ain't that bad" and it shouldn't scare you like some politicians want it to. What would be scarier would be a purely capitalist takeover of everything like fire and police. Just imagine calling 911 and getting- "What's the nature of your credit score? Please hold while we check your Credit Score. We will get back to your emergency as quickly as we can."

 -  John Holland, Ottawa