Follow word of Pope Paul VI

In defense of Humanae Vitae. In 1968 Pope Paul VI issued the historic yet controversial letter to the faithful Humanae Vitae.

Humanae Vitae spoke to the sanctity of marriage, the gift of children to marriage and forewarned of the difficulties that would arise in the culture if the church did not stand for the sanctity of life and against artificial birth control.

The pope said that an increase in divorce, the devaluation of women and of children and the breakdown of the morals of society would result if birth control in the culture would become widespread.

Our society is seeing the results of this culture today. Increased divorce rates, just as high among Catholics as among Non-Catholics, rampant STDs, devaluation of the young and an increased suicide rate across all sectors of age.

I believe the answer to these problems is increased prayer life, sacramental life and the courage to do the "right" thing. Value your spouse and your children, trust in God for your welfare and a return to family prayer, principally through the family rosary so encouraged by the

Church and Our Blessed Mother at Fatima Portugal in 1917.

Be heroic, be countercultural, stand for life.

Tim Kelly, Holton