Here is a sampling of social media comments from across the state about an editorial reflecting on the actions of Senate President Susan Wagle:

Editorial: Wagle putting self-interest ahead of Kansans

McPherson Sentinel Facebook:

Kathy Rishel: Susan Wagle is totally out of touch with the people of Kansas. Even her Republican colleague joined in the preparation of this bill. She needs to get over herself. A one issue Senator cannot govern in the coming age. This country has had enough of this one-sided action by our government! Hopefully she has no chance to become a US Senator. We have quite enough sheep up there as it is.

Blake Beye: I stand with Susan!

Nick Reinecker: #WagleWarrior

Butler County Times-Gazette Facebook:

Kevin Beard: I may be dreaming, but I believe Kansas is Pro-Life.

Karen Rainwater Maxwell: There is no politician in office right now who doesn’t put special interests ahead of what is best for their constituents. That, dear friends, is how elected officials go into office poor and come out millionaires.

Robin Stevens: Self interest is not what we voted for

Ann Simon: Dang more & more of them turning into tRUMP

Leavenworth Times Facebook:

Allen Barnes: How the hell can anybody think the government has the right to control abortion. I don't totally agree with abortion, but I do believe there are circumstances that should allow such a thing. This piece is a disgrace to our State and the way of life. Oh by the way, I am a Republican, but I worry about what is right for the people

Hutchinson News Facebook:

Alex Shumpert: Wagle is pathetic. You don't get to take the entire session and go home with it just because your vote failed. I'm also confused as to how obstructing the bipartisan Medicaid expansion that would benefit lower-middle class and working poor families supports the stance of "pro-life"?

Mark Smith: Thank you Susan for your sincere efforts. Your work is truly appreciated.

Andy Snyder: Hardly seems like self interest when you're fighting for the right to life for those who can't speak for themselves.

Tim Smith: Gotta love abortion. It’s the one issue that guarantees the Jesus juice drinkers will vote against their own self interests. Every single time.

Linda Bales Grisham Bell: I am totally with her!!

Garden City Telegram Facebook:

Zach Worf: Sometimes votes don't go the way you want. Obstruction should never be the reaction.

Cheryl Cooper Sonnenberg: Whatever it takes to save lives! Woo hoo

Topeka Capital-Journal Facebook:

Dayna Richardson: Hopefully, she will take the highway!! I do not support her actions. She does not have the attributes of a leader who will support ALL Kansans.

Ben Broxterman: Putting the vote on the general ballot in November just makes good sense, so that more voices can be heard on the topic. They should leave the Medicaid discussion out of this.

Catherine DeForest: Yes, protecting the most vulnerable people is so important! Thankful for her kindness and compassion for all!

Barb Waters: No I do not support her actions ! Hijacking Medicare expansion is shameful !! Stay out of Roe v. Wade - it's the law of the land already!!!

Sara Weeder-Korus: 100% support her!!

Roger Seymour: The citizens of Kansas deserve a chance to vote on the Value Them Both constitutional amendment.