The Republican party is an empty party. It is empty of new ideas that benefit the people; it is empty of a vision for the future; it is empty of leaders who show courage and moral behavior, empty of compassion for immigrants, other races and religions, and the poor, and empty of the will to seek truth and follow the law and the Constitution.

Lacking all of these things that make for good governing and voter allegiance, all they know how to do is to hang on to power with every shred of authority they have — the presidency and the Senate — and to tilt the elections in their favor by gerrymandering, voter suppression, using right wing media to demonize their opponents, and inviting Russia and other countries to help them get elected.

We are in a sad state when these are the people and the party ruling America. There is a reason the writers of the Constitution did not want foreign influence in our elections. Russia is our adversary — they want us to fail. It only stands to reason that they will support the weakest candidate — the one they can control, who will do their bidding.

I read the Russian newspapers call Trump “the puppet” and Putin “the puppeteer.” Is this really the direction we want our country to go?

Donna Zerger, McPherson