Susan Wagle, as president of the Kansas Senate, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety and welfare of Kansas residents.

Right now in many countries across the globe, there is a pandemic happening. The Center for Disease Control in the United States stated that it wasn't a matter of if, but when, this pandemic hits closer to home. That communities needed to get prepared, have plans in place if kept at home to lower the spread of this virus.

My question to you is by holding Medicaid expansion hostage because you didn't get your way with the abortion amendment, what do you envision happening in this state with so many uninsured individuals? Will they have to forego receiving testing to determine if they indeed have the coronavirus? Will they have to go without medical care entirely because they are uninsured?

Ms. Wagle, health insurance should never be a privilege. It should be an equal right among citizens to know that they can seek medical treatment if necessary, without losing their home, or being thrown in jail because they can't pay a bill.

You cannot deny this coverage to more than 130,000 of our fellow Kansans any longer. To do so would mean you are no longer fulfilling the duties of your position, and quite frankly, possibly endangering lives.

Ms. Wagle, please put the medicaid expansion bill on the floor, the way it was written by Gov. Kelly and by Mr. Denning before the coronavirus shows itself in our state.

Courtney Higgins, Topeka