There's an Obama era saying that the Democrats and the media are using to scare the populace about the coronavirus and blame the president not doing anything to combat the impending crisis.

In truth, the virus just didn't show up a few weeks ago, it has been around since December, when Trump put together a team to look into the possibility of an epidemic. The Dems were not involved because they were to busy impeaching him. When he halted flights coming into the country, the Dems’ reaction was to call him a racist.

This is just another episode in the effort to rid the country of Trump. What has been happening to Trump since his election is criminal, but then, the history of the Democrat Party is one of prejudice and hate. Most of the time it has been subtle, but these past three years, it has surfaced with a vengeance, displaying the party's true colors.

It is a party of hate, not just for Trump but for the Republic and all that it stands for.

Hopefully the populace has become aware of the true purpose of the Democrat Party, to obtain total power of the country and its people. Come November, the populace will have a chance to "drain the swamp" via the one thing the Democrats fear most, the ballot. Once again, the Republic's fate is in the hands of the people.

John Fedele, Salina