Ottawa University tennis is making noise in the latest national rankings.

The Braves have five student-athletes ranked in the top 20 in the Oracle/ITA NAIA Men’s and Women’s Central Regional Rankings — Lukas Michenka, Karlo Skvorc, Keiran President, Ronald Rufyikiri Muheto and Allison Corfield.

Michenka, junior from Prague, Czech Republic, is ranked 10th with an overall record of 7-3. He is 4-3 in No. 1 singles, 1-0 in No. 2 singles and 2-0 in No. 3 singles.

Skorvc, senior from Cakovec, Croatia, is 19th in the poll with a 9-6 oeverall record. He is 6-3 in duals and 3-3 in tournament play. Skorvc is 2-0 in No. 1 singles, 4-2 in No. 2 singles and 0-1 in No. 3 singles.

President, junior from Castries, Saint Lucia, is ranked 20th with an overall record of 7-3. He is 1-0 in No. 1 singles, 1-1 in No. 2 singles, 3-1 in No. 3 singles and 2-1 in No. 4 singles.

Rufyikiri Muheto, junior from Burundi, Africa, is partnered with President to be ranked sixth in doubles. The duo have an overall record of 8-2 and are 6-2 in No. 1 doubles and 2-1 in No. 2 doubles.

Corfield, senior from Jamberoo, New South Wales, Australia, is ranked 10th in the women’s poll with a 9-6 overall record. She is 6-4 in duals and 3-2 in tournaments. Corfield is 5-2 in No. 1 singles and 1-2 in No. 2 singles.