Area high school seniors have been dealing with their emotions of having their high school sports careers end without a spring season because of COVID-19 concerns.

Three Central Heights seniors — Landen Compton, Samantha Ferris and Madison Bridges — said they are using the experience to build on, despite the feelings of anguish. All three were members of the Viking track teams.

"Losing the last season of my favorite sport has been the worst thing to happen to me in 2020 and I would be crazy if I said that it won’t bug me,” Compton said. “Moving forward I am still working out and preparing to go into the Air Force. During this crazy time in my life, I'm just taking it one day at a time and making the most of the time I have with my family during this. It has affected my life by making me try new things such as workouts in order to stay active during this quarantine. I’ve changed my approach to life by making the most of what I'm involved in, because you never know when it could suddenly end or be taken away. If I could change anything I would want to know that my last day was my last day, so I could make those memories with my friends."

Ferris said the teammate bond developed through the years is something she has relied on.

"My thought about our ‘lost season’ is I feel I was cheated out of a season that would of been filled with love, success and friendships,” she said. “I plan to keep running. My approach to life is to enjoy the times you have because no one knows when they will be gone. I have learned that my teammates will always be here for me even after losing our season."

Bridges said being part of a team is a feeling like no other.

"Ever since I joined track in middle school, my teammates have always made me feel at home and accepted,” Bridges said. “Running with my teammates was the best ending to a day of grueling assignments. Being a part of the Central Heights track team has allowed me to take part in something bigger than myself. I see this sport as a means of self discovery, to uncover how far you will go to improve yourself in pursuit of a goal. Although track may seem like an individual sport, it never felt that way. In victory or defeat, my friends were always there to support me as I was for them. I am saddened that I will not be able to spend the rest of my senior year as I had hoped, but I know that the best is yet to come for my classmates. I will forever cherish the memories made with those on this team for years to come."