Extension sponsors beef virtual meeting

By The Herald Staff

The Frontier Extension District will hold a virtual meeting on “Anaplasmosis in Beef Cattle and Fly Control Strategies” at 7 p.m. Wednesday.

To register for the Zoom presentation, call the Extension Office in Ottawa at 785-229-3520 or by emailing madisonmb@ksu.edu.

A.J. Tarpoff, K-State Extension's beef veterinarian, will discuss anaplasmosis and provide any updates on the disease. Extension entomologist Cassandra Olds will highlight fly control and issues with insecticide resistance.

Anaplasmosis is a bacterial infection that attacks red blood cells and leads to the destruction of those cells. Signs typically show up in late summer and often the first sign of the disease is finding mature cattle dead in the pasture. Anaplasmosis is reported in every state except Hawaii, and in eastern Kansas, anaplasmosis is considered an endemic disease. Tarpoff will lead the discussion on the disease, management of cattle, and what can be done to reduce cattle deaths.

Fly control is another concern that takes millions of dollars from the cattle industry. Horn flies are blood feeders and they are responsible for the most loss. The loss comes from a decrease in average daily gain, milk production, and costs associated with fly control.   Olds will discuss strategies that can be used to reduce these losses and will discuss other fly species that we must deal with.

The meeting will last about an hour and will be recorded for later viewing on the district’s website at www.frontierdistrict.k-state.edu.