Wellsville Crescent Club minutes, Sept. 15

Staff Writer
The Ottawa Herald

The Wellsville Crescent club met on Tuesday, September 15, 2020, at the Wellsville Library Community Room. Masks and social distancing were in effect.

Hostess Barb Rademann had the room brightly decorated for our meeting. President Gail Crist called the meeting to order. Minutes were read by Secretary Colleen O’Neil and approved. Treasurer’s report was given. Dues for the 20-21 year were collected from the 12 attending members.

Roll call was taken. Carolyn Silvus reviewed the club’s constitution with the membership.

Barb presented the program on the topic of “How does the creative mind work?”. The conventional notion is the left side of the brain is the realistic practical and logical side and the right is the creative, colorful, and sensual area. Scientists have proven this to be untrue. The study concluded that there is no single creative area of the brain.

The membership was given a test to help explore some of these findings. Truly interesting is that Barb’s granddaughter is studying the neuroscience of creativity in her university study’s.

New business topics included future club meetings will be held at the library until further notice due to the pandemic.

There was no old business.

The meeting was adjourned. Refreshments were served.

Respectively submitted,

– Colleen O’Neil