Ottawa University campus is on lockdown. Here's what we know.

John Jared Hawks
The Ottawa Herald

Update (5:01 p.m.): School officials communicated early Friday evening that law enforcement gave an "all-clear" and that activities will soon resume on campus.

Ottawa University was on lockdown Friday while law enforcement dealt with a suspicious package.

Shortly after 1:45 p.m. Friday, Ottawa University faculty and staff received texts advising those on campus to shelter in place immediately, and that the campus was being placed under lockdown.

Adam Weingartner, Ottawa police chief, later communicated a suspicious device was located by OU security on campus. 

"The lockdown was a precautionary measure to allow OPD and OU security to check the rest of campus," Weingartner said. "There is currently no known threat to campus." 

A law enforcement presence was sighted Friday afternoon on the northern end of Ottawa University's campus, located at 1001 S. Cedar St., Ottawa.

Shortly before 3 p.m., school officials reiterated that law enforcement investigation of the campus has revealed "no further threats at this time" and asked those on campus to continue sheltering in place.

A law enforcement presence was sighted on the northern end of the school's campus, located at 1001 S. Cedar St. Officers had cordoned off an area near 9th Street between Cedar and Poplar Streets. The northern end of the school's main campus features several classroom buildings and dorms.

The school is on spring break, with various athletic teams remaining on campus during the holiday.