Domestic incident spirals into temporary neighborhood lockdown

The Ottawa Herald

An incident in east Ottawa Wednesday evening eventually lead to a house search and neighbors being told to remain in their homes as a precaution.

According to information released by the Ottawa Police Department, officers were dispatched to a domestic violence call in the 1000 block of East 7th Street.

"When officers arrived they witnessed a domestic battery occurring through a window of the residence and attempted to contact the people involved in the home," said Adam Weingartner, Ottawa Police chief. "A victim exited the home who had minor injuries. The suspect retreated into the home and refused to exit the home."


Officers attempted to negotiate with the suspect but got no response, which lead to the Ottawa Police Department’s STAR Team's activation due to the suspect's prior history. STAR team is comprised of Officers with the Ottawa Police Department and Deputies with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office. The department executed a search warrant at the residence looking for the suspect, but after safely clearing the house did not locate the suspect.

As a precaution officers notified residents living in the area about the incident and asked them to stay at home or leave temporarily, By about 10:30 p.m. officers left the scene and dispatch notified residents they could return.

"The suspect is known to law enforcement and officers will follow up to contact the suspect," Weingartner said. "Because it is an ongoing investigation the suspect will not be named at this time."