OU awards seven students for work in STEM curriculum

By The Herald Staff

Seven Ottawa University students were recognized for their work in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)-based curriculum during the university's annual Convocation ceremony at the end of the spring semester.

Abigail Meyerm of Princeton, was presented with the Outstanding Senior Biologist Award for her dedication to coursework, research and service. Suleica Lee, Converse, Texas, and Sara Lieber, Idaho Falls, Idaho, were each recognized with the Transformation Award in Biology, which is presented to biology students that have exhibited intellectual eagerness, curiosity and growth that far exceeds normal expectations.

Other STEM awards presented were in chemistry and engineering. Jackson Flack, of Shawnee, was presented with the ACS Award for Outstanding Senior Scientist. Karley Faudere, El Dorado, was recognized with the Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award. William Wallace, of Strasburg, Colorado, earned the Outstanding Senior in Engineering Award, and Joseph Corbin of Edgerton, was honored with the Commitment in Engineering Award.

The awards were presented to the students by Dr. Steven Boese, professor of biology; Dr. Thomas Wiese, associate professor of biology; and Dr. Xiaobin Zuo, assistant professor of chemistry.