City, school board set for general election in November

By The Herald Staff

The Franklin County city and school board will not have a primary election on Aug. 3, 2021. City, school district and extension district candidates will be voted on during the general election on Nov. 2.

The 2021 City and school board elections will not have a primary in  August.  The voting will take place in the November general election.

Voting Registrations and updates must be completed by Oct. 12, 2021.

The list of candidates running for the open positions are:

City Commission or Council

City Of Ottawa (3 open positions)

Mike Skidmore, Eric Crowleym Aaron Miller, Emily Graves, Zach Clayton, Jacob Michel, Bonnie Plumberg, John Griffin, Jerry Lear.

City Of Pomona (2 open positions)

Marie Seneca, Rick Smith

City Of Princeton (Mayor, 5 open positions)

Carol Lingo, Ronda Reed

City Of Rantoul (5 open positions)

Pat Hutchinson, Juanita Simms, Susan Stottlemire, Gracie Castleberry, Jay Davis, Michael Sleetser, Lora Jean McDowell, Michelle Lynn Dennison.

City of Richmond (Mayor, 2 open positions)

Michael Topp, Helen Feuerborn

City of Wellsville (3 open positions)

Leon Wilderman, Thomas Taylor Sr., Dealy Sims, Jon Horne

School Board

USD 287 West Franklin

Position 4 Ryan Sink; Position 5 Denise Robinson; Position 6 Stephanie Anderson, Mark Wolff

USD 288 Central Heights (3 at-large)

Billy Johnson, Ross Kimball, Jack Davis.

USD 289 Wellsville

Position 4 Shane Pruit; Position 5 Amanda Donovan; Position 6 Dave Katzerm Juanita Peckham.

USD 290 Ottawa (3 at-large)

Jerry Reed, Lynda Alderman, Chris Cunningham, Glendy Spigle, Kelli Graves, Brian Kane.