New scholarship allows students to attend college, technical school for free

Greg Mast
The Ottawa Herald

A new scholarship for Kansas high school students will allow them to attend a public community college or technical school for free.

The Kansas Board of Regents passed into law a new scholarship act, the Kansas Promise Act. This is for students planning to attend a public community college or technical school.

There are a few requirements attached to it, such as choosing an eligible program of study (Information technology and security, mental and physical healthcare, advanced manufacturing and building trades, and early childhood education and development) and then signing an agreement to live and work in Kansas for two years following your college graduation. 

This scholarship will cover the cost of tuition, books, fees, and required materials (taking out the money that you’ve received in other scholarships and grants).

The scholarship is available for the graduating seniors for the next several years, including the Class of 2021.  

Ottawa High School principal Kelly Whitataker said if students plan to attend a community college or technical school, they should consider this opportunity to attend school for free.

“We sent an email directly to the Class of 2022 students and families regarding this program,” Whitaker said. “This is a great opportunity for many of our students. If your major of interest fits the criteria, we highly recommend you take a few minutes to review this information.”

For students to be eligible for a service scholarship, they must:

• Be a Kansas resident; AND

• Have graduated from a secondary school within the preceding 12 months or have attended a secondary school and obtained an equivalent credential within the preceding 12 months; OR

• Be 21 years of age or older and a Kansas resident for the preceding three consecutive years; OR

• Be a dependent child of a military servicemember permanently stationed in another state and who, within the preceding 12 months, graduated from any out-of-state secondary school or obtained a high school equivalency.

Students must:

• Complete the required scholarship application;

• Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid;

• Enter into a Kansas promise scholarship agreement; and enroll in, and complete within 30 months of first being awarded a Kansas Promise scholarship, an eligible program at an eligible institution.

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