Franklin Co. to hold drive-through flu shot clinics throughout October

Marissa Ventrelli
The Ottawa Herald

The Franklin County Health Department is holding several drive-through flu shot clinics throughout the month of October in hopes of protecting the community ahead of an uncertain flu season. Last winter saw a marked decrease in influenza cases, which can be attributed to the widespread use of masks and social distancing. However, as businesses reopen and mask usage is less prevalent, experts are unsure what this winter could hold, especially with the rising cases of the delta variant of COVID-19. 

The Franklin County Health Department will be holding drive-through flu shot in the following locations from 4 to 6 pm: 

  • Oct. 5: South of high school parking lot, Pomona 
  • Oct. 7: Community building parking lot, Princeton
  • Oct. 13: Bert's truck stop, Wellsville
  • Oct. 19: Front of fire station on Old Hwy 50, Williamsburg 

You can also sign up to receive a flu shot at participating CVS, Walgreens, and Dillons pharmacies. 

"Getting a flu vaccine helps to protect you, your family, and your community against the flu," said Franklin County Health Director Brenda Pfizenmaier. "Scientific studies show that getting a flu vaccination reduces the severity of illness from the flu and the risk of flu-associated hospitalizations." Flu shots inject antibodies into your system, which take about two weeks to activate. The vaccine does not contain the influenza virus, meaning it's not possible to contract the flu directly from the vaccine. Some individuals may feel mild side effects from the vaccine such as soreness and fever, but these symptoms are actually a sign that the body is building a defense against the virus. 

There are three different types of flu vaccine, Pfizenmaier said. The high-dose Fluzone vaccine is for individuals 65 and older and contains a higher amount of antigen than the standard flu shot. The Flubok vaccine is available to those 18 and older and contains four times the amount of antigen than the standard vaccine, and the regular Fluzone vaccine is available to anyone six months and older. 

Those who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 can still receive the flu vaccine. According to the CDC, individuals can also receive their flu shot and the COVID vaccine at the same time, as long as it's on two different arms. 

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