OPD Celebrating National Coffee With a Cop Day Oct. 6

Marissa Ventrelli
The Ottawa Herald

Officers from the Ottawa Police Department will be posting up at two local coffee shops to talk with community members for National Coffee With a Cop Day, which takes place the first Wednesday in October. It's an opportunity for Ottawa residents to voice any questions or concerns they may have regarding law enforcement, or just to get to know the officers in their neighborhood.

Officers will be at Mug Shot Coffee and Corner Market, both on Main Street, from 7 to 9 am Wednesday, October 6. 

Having an open line of communication with police officers "lets us know that the cops aren't against us and that they really want to do things for us, and that they really care," says Mug Shot owner Carol Zuk, who acknowledges that officer-community relations have been especially critical in recent years. "Communication is key to keeping aggression down. The miscommunication just escalates because people don't feel heard and they don't feel understood, so they get antagonistic. If [the officers] can let us know that they care about race and all these issues that are going on, it's very important." 

No registration is required, and anyone is welcome to come and express their thoughts.