Foot Pain Center's holding sock drive through month of October

Marissa Ventrelli
The Ottawa Herald

The Foot Pain Center of Kansas City-Ottawa is holding its first "Socktober" sock drive to help those in need ahead of the upcoming winter. 

"We were looking to give back to the community, so we investigated opportunities that would relate to the practice and be good to the community," explained Dr. Jacob Goldstein, a podiatrist at the Foot Pain Center. Businesses around town Ottawa have received donation boxes and are accepting new socks of all sizes, colors, and patterns through the end of the month. The socks will then be collected by Dr. Goldstein and donated to Hope House. 

Having proper foot protection is crucial during the coldest months of the year, Dr. Goldstein said. "You see a cold of cold injuries of the skin during the winter months. "People don't really have their feet protected. I think it's much healthier to wear socks rather than just putting your bare foot inside the shoe." Unfortunately, some unhoused individuals are forced to go sockless and even barefoot, which can be deadly. Goldstein says he's heard from local shelters that socks are their most needed item, and as a podiatrist, he understands the importance of keeping your feet healthy. "We ignore our feet. We take advantage of them and assume that everything's gonna be okay until there's a problem," he said. Keeping your feet warm through the winter is the best way to prevent things like frostbite and hypothermia. 

Make sure to be on the lookout for sock donation boxes at stores around town all through this month.