OHS to open soon for athletics, activities

Greg Mast

Ottawa High School summer athletics and activities will resume June 15, said Brad Graf, OHS activities and athletics director.

“It is important to USD 290 that we maintain a safe environment for our students as facilities and programs reopen,” he said. “Ottawa coaches, support staff, and administrators have devised a plan to reopen facilities and meet the summer guidelines set forth by the Kansas State High School Activities Association.”

Students have not had access to organized athletics or school equipment since the closure of schools in March. Graf said students have not had the opportunity to be active for several months.

“The lack of conditioning and summer heat can pose several health risks for students,” Graf said. “The KSHSAA has put acclimation guidelines in place to gradually reintroduce athletes to activity. The first requirement is that schools must have a ‘conditioning period’ for athletes.”

The conditioning period requires 10 days (15 for football players) of activity before students can participate in competition during the summer, Graf said.

“The conditioning period can involve warmup, stretching, conditioning, weight training, and/or sport specific activity,” Graf said. “All athletes must complete the conditioning period requirement. Once each individual athlete reaches the 10 days of conditioning (15 for football), they can then be involved in competition during the summer.”

The conditioning days must be documented by OHS staff during strength training, conditioning or individual sport workouts, Graf said. Activities with outside teams, organizations or trainers do not count toward the conditioning guidelines.

“Athletes will not be allowed to participate during the summer in any team camp, games or other competitions until they have successfully reached the 10 day (15 for football) conditioning requirement,” Graf said. “OHS will offer strength and conditioning for all student athletes this summer. Students that regularly attend these sessions will meet the conditioning attendance requirements.”

Athletes are asked to register for the summer strength and conditioning, Graf said.

“We look forward to seeing students back at OHS this summer,” he said.