Local KSU students receive academic honors

The Herald Staff

More than 4,800 Kansas State University students earned semester honors for their academic performance in the spring 2020 semester.

Students earning a grade point average for the semester of 3.75 or above on at least 12 graded credit hours receive semester honors along with commendations from their deans.

The following students earned semester honors for the spring 2020 semester from Kansas State University:

Ottawa: Magdeline Bowers, Emmary Catlin, Andy Croucher, Madelyne Crowley, Keegan Finch, Justine French, Spencer Mayes, Connor Medlen, Morgan Paddock, Olivia Peoples, Brooke Riedy, April Stewart-Neill, Morgan Waterman, McKenzie Weien, Isaac Wingert.

Rantoul: Alyssa Dunnivan, Steven Watson.

Wellsville: Anna Kline, Jacob Kosanke.

Williamsburg: Cade Ifland.