WF extends free meals to all students

The Herald Staff

West Franklin students will receive free breakfasts and lunches through Dec. 31, district officials said.

The combined efforts of USDA and KSDE, the Community Eligibility flexibility waiver, which allowed all districts to provide free meals for students during the spring, has been extended to the winter break or when funds are depleted, whichever comes first, officials said.

All enrolled students will be eligible for free breakfast and lunch regardless of their lunch status. This does not include extra entrees or extra milk. This does include remote learners. However, remote learners are still required to call the district office no later than noon each Thursday to order pick up meals for the following week, officials said.

“It is extremely important that you complete a free and reduced Meal application if you have not done so already,” said Betty Greer, West Franklin administrative assistant. “Financial limits have been increased this year making it easier for more to qualify. Meal applications and lunch status of our students also has an impact on our state funding.

“Keep in mind that free meals for all students is only temporary. As we begin 2021, meal pricing will again be based on student lunch status. Please take the time to complete an application as soon as possible.”