Ottawa school district to test disinfection devices

By The Herald Staff

The Ottawa school district is partnering with a company to test its disinfection devices.

Violet Defense, the company behind the only known pulsed Xenon UV disinfection devices that can be installed and operated autonomously, is teaming with Ottawa schools for a multi-faceted evaluation program.

Violet Defense will provide the Ottawa school district with a

variety of mobile and installed S.A.G.E. UV products for efficacy and operational evaluation and feedback. Some of the products being tested in the school system include the Flash M3, the UV Sports Decon case, the Beam mobile unit, and a Micro unit that will be installed in the nurses' clinic to protect students, staff, and faculty.

"We are proud to support Violet Defense's work in the Ottawa Public School District Evaluation," Ottawa Superintendent Dr. Ryan Cobbs said. "We are excited about this partnership opportunity in our pursuit of finding the best solutions for accelerated decontamination and disinfection of classrooms and enclosed spaces in our schools. Depending on results the Ottawa public school district evaluation, this endeavor could mean a much safer return to classrooms, not only during COVID but for years to come.”

The test program will thoroughly assess the company's technology in highly trafficked areas in order to identify new techniques and deployments for their equipment. The ultimate goal of this effort is to design and implement purpose-fit solutions for school environments, particularly as Kansas, and many other states, are beginning to return to some sense of normalcy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Our aim as a business has forever been to help protect the communities where adults and children work, study, and play by equipping everyday spaces with our proven UV disinfection solutions at a cost-effective price point,” Terrance Berland, Chairman and CEO of Violet Defense, said. “This is exceedingly important while in this pandemic, as students and teachers try to determine effective techniques to return some normalcy in schools.”

For the evaluation, Violet Defense and the Ottawa school district will conduct side-by-side testing with one classroom and one bathroom each outfitted with Violet Defense's disinfection UV equipment, and a comparable classroom and bathroom acting as the control group. With this scientific structure, data will be able to show the effectiveness of the UV disinfection products versus natural germ progression and chemical-based cleaning methods.

Wherever the equipment is placed or installed in a room, the patented UV disinfection technology can protect common spaces by killing up to 99+ percent of SARS-CoV-2, Norovirus, and influenza in the air and on surfaces.

The systems can be manually activated or render a 30-minute disinfection cycle completely autonomously, enabling businesses and schools to incorporate powerful UV disinfection when and where they need it most. This combination of deployment options can bring the powerful pulsed Xenon technology to any environment requiring disinfection, including classrooms, labs, locker rooms, nurse’s clinics, bathrooms and more.