Kobach campaigns, saying conservative values are under attack

Greg Mast
U.S. Senate candidate Kris Kobach talks to supporters Friday morning at the Painted Lady Bed & Breakfast in Ottawa.

U.S. Senate candidate Kris Kobach laid out his conservative agenda to voters Friday morning in Ottawa.

Kobach met with supporters at the Painted Lady Bed & Breakfast, Seventh and Cedar Street in Ottawa.

The coronavirus pandemic has not only slowed down political campaigns but put a strain on the economy, Kobach said.

“It is a double whammy for businesses,” Kobach said. “We had the worst unemployment since 1938, when the Great Depression happened. We have the worst unrest on the streets since 1968.

“There are a lot of things going that have political roots. We have to stand by our conservative bedrock values, whether it is capitalism, Second Amendment rights, or the right to worship freely. All of these have been under attack.”

Kobach’s campaign is built on three components: immigration; constitutional freedom; and less government, more liberty.

The former law professor at University of Missouri-Kansas City hopes to be the voice on immigration for President Donald Trump.

“President Trump does not have anybody in the Senate to carry the ball for him on immigration,” he said. “I recognize when you carry the ball, you are going to get tackled. We need somebody there to move the conservative agenda on immigration, especially now.”

He said the pandemic gave the government lessons on where problems exist on controlling the U.S. borders.

“There are two big lessons the pandemic showed us: borders matter,” he said. Our southern border remains wide open. That is Congress' fault. We have to get that wall built. We are a long way off.

“The second is people need to get back to work. We need somebody to stand firm and not do whatever some business PAC tells them to do.”

The second initiative is constitutional freedom. He said those freedoms have come under threat in the COVID-19 period.

“We need people in the U.S. Senate that will really hold the line to scrutinize (judicial appointments),” Kobach said. “You need the Senate to be the final backstop.”

The third part of his agenda is shrinking the federal government. He said he cut the Secretary of State’s budget nearly in half during his eight years in office.

Kobach said the $3 trillion stimulus package demands that spending also be cut.

“All the more important we have serious cost cutters,” he said. “We need conservative votes and leadership in the Senate now more than ever.”